Squirrels (Year 5)

Welcome to the amazing Squirrel Class.

The Class Teacher is Mr Hawkins and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Duncan.

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The Queen's Nose

We have been using Dick King Smith's 'The Queen's Nose' to inspire our writing this week - we are loving it so far! The television programme (from 1995) has been an interesting comparison too. Here is a snippet of our writing, based on the opening scene in the book:

The Construction Begins!

Today we began the construction of our vehicle. Precise measurements, safe sawing and brilliant teamwork helped us to create the chassis for our car, along with the gussets. We then worked in our groups to begin assembling them. We also sawed the motor and battery plates - good work, Squirrels!


Year 5 have had an excellent start to our STEM Curriculum week this week. We loved exploring the mechanics of the moving car which Miss Anstey has challenged us to create, before investigating different wheel sizes and types. After testing them and identifying which wheels might be best, we then designed our own vehicles. Our understanding of aerodynamics and forces has really helped us to refine our designs. We were lucky to be visited by Frank Werling, an engineer from Metsa Wood, who gave us excellent advice on our designs and answered our questions. He was very impressed with our curiosity! Keep a look out for our finished pieces before Easter. 

STEM Day at Boston High School

Eight Year 5 girls went to Boston High School today for a STEM Challenge Day. We are delighted to announce that one of the groups won! Well done for showing excellent STEM skills, applying your knowledge in activities such as a bobsleigh. 

Year 5 Journalists

Year 5 were journalists today, interviewing the local PCSOs for our English writing. Look out for our upcoming news articles on parking outside of school - they are sure to help raise awareness to our community!

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