Owls (Year 1)

Welcome to the Owls Class.

The Class Teacher is Miss Hinch and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Booth.

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3..2..1.. BLAST OFF!!!

What an amazing event! Today the children with their help of their parents made their own rockets out of a variety of material and junk objects. We then had a competition to see whose rocket travelled the furthest. Well done to Miley and Lewis whose rocket travelled the furthest and also sapphire who won best design. A massive thank you for everyone that came to the event and took part, the children were so excited and loved every minute. What a great way to end our 'man on the Moon' topic!

Planetarium visit

Today we had a visiting planetarium come in to school. Inside we learnt about the Earth, Moon and the Moon landings. We also heard a little about the other planets in our solar system. The children enjoyed seeing a range of incredible photos from space. Then at the end the lights went off and we watched a short show of the stars.

STEM week

This week Year 1 have been participating in an excitng STEM week. In groups the children have been working towards buiding their own toy car. This is a project we will be continuing over the next few months. Alongside their amazing team work and fantastic ideas the children have been investigating some scientific questions.

Library on wheels!

Today we had a visit from the library bus. Year 1 were very excited to choose their own book that they can keep in the classroom for a few weeks. 

Back in the classroom the children loved looking at their new books and sharing them with their friends. 



Recreating BEEGU

After finding out who BEEGU is earlier today and disussing how her body features are different and similar to our own. The children really enjoyed recreating BEEGU using their painiting skills.


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