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Careers Week in Owls Class

We had a very busy week during careers week. It was a chance for us to learn about the different jobs that are available to us and how important our school studies are if we want to aspire to these jobs. 

We had a visit from the police to tell us all about being a police officer. We were allowed to sit in the police car and turn on the siren

We also had a visit from Riley's dad who told us all about being a Fork Lift Truck driver.  He told us how important it was to be trained properly and how he needed to wear special safety boots and a hat.

There was a chance for Beth to be the teacher for the day. She did a wonderful job of taking the register and reading a story to the class. I'm sure she will make a great teacher when she grows up!

Two girls spent the afternoon working in the Spar shop. They were very polite to the customers and gave everyone a smile. 

During the week the children had dffferent class jobs to do from filling water bottles to keeping the tables tidy. At the end of the week, they received their 'Wyberton money' and used it to buy a cake to celebrate all their hard work.

Thank you to everyone who helped us to enjoy our week, including Mrs Kerr who showed us how to be a music teacher.


Pictured below is 'Miss Beth' talking to her class!




Year 1 go pond dipping

Our Science learning took us outside today as we went pond dipping. We found many fascinating creatures in the pond, including some which we needed to research. The children were extremely curious in their learning - well done, Year 1!

The Wonderful World of Animals

On the 18th May the Owls Class performed a lovely assembly about animals. It included rhyming poems based on the story 'Commotion in the Ocean', lots of interesting facts about animals and a re-telling of the wonderful story 'The Rainbow Fish'.

The children all performed brilliantly, speaking their lines clearly and off by hreart. The acting was great too. 

Well done to everyone in Owl Class for such a lovely performance. 


Owls Class Learn all About Looking After Their Teeth

On Friday the Owls Class had a visit from a local dentist. The dentist told us lots of useful and important information about how to look after our teeth. We know that we must brush our teeth twice a day (the one before bedtime is particularly important) and that we must not have too many sugary foods and drinks as these could make our teeth go bad. She showed us how dentists check our teeth with a special mirror. She also showed us the best way to brush our teeth (in circles on the front of our teeth and up and down on the back of our teeth). All the children listened really carefully and were given an information pack to take home that included a sticker and a tube of their own toothpaste. 

Thankyou to Kai for the demonstrations and to Kai's mum for arranging the visit and leading the talk. 


Making Animal Homes

 This morning we have been out in the sunshine making homes for animals. We soon realised that the animals would need something comfy to lay on (we used leaves) and something to protect them from the wind and rain that wouldn't get blown away. Have a look at some that we made. Do you think the animals would survive in them?

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