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Library on wheels!

Today we had a visit from the library bus. Year 1 were very excited to chose their own book that they can keep in the classroom for a few weeks. 

Back in the classroom the children loved looking at their new books and sharing them with their friends. 



Ask me about BEEGU!

Continuing with our book this week. 

Today we read the story to see if we could answer any of our questions from Monday. After reading the story we discussed what was happenign at different parts of the story and what might BEEGU be feeling. 

The children then worked in groups, each group had a different picture from the story. The children mindmapped what was happening in their part of the story, what BEEGU might be feeling and what might he say. 

The children were really good at extending their sentences using 'because' and 'and'. 

Recreating BEEGU

After finding out who BEEGU is earlier today and disussing how her body features are different and similar to our own. The children really enjoyed recreating BEEGU using their painiting skills.


Do you know who this is?

Our book this week is BEEGU.

Today the children were very curious about their new book this week. We discussed the front cover of the book and what the book may be about. The children then came up with three questions that they had about their new book.

What is the Moon made from?

Today the children were exploring the different materials that they thought the Moon was made from, including rock, wood, metal and cheese. After exploring the different materials we made a tally chart to see which material did most children think the Moon was made from. The material that was voted most was rock, then cheese then metal and wood, 

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