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The Little Oaks Nursery staff are Alli, Chelsea and Lucy.

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Fun Fine Motor Skills with Parents and Carers!

Thank you so much to the parents and carers that came along and joined in with lots of exciting activites to promote fine motor skills! The children haven't stopped talking about showing off their fab skills.

Remembrance Day


The children was very interested to learn about 'Remembrance Day', we watched a short video to support the childrens understanding. We created poppies in a variety of ways which the children loved! We also took part in the two minute silence.

Poppypoppy on the board

Bonfire Night

Within Nursery we have been discussing what Bonfire Night is, how to keep safe and creating our own representations of fireworks. This sparked lots of conversations based around colour and the different sounds fireworks make.


Chalk fireworksrocket


 The children were very excited about Halloween! They took part in a variety of activities including spooky dancing, exploring the insides of a pumpkin and carving yellow peppers!



Autumn Days

We have been taking full advantage of the lovely Autumn days at Nursery. On our walks around the grounds we have collected conkers, leaves, sticks and acorns. The children have then used these to facilitate their learning. 


Conker PickingWalk in the woodsTuff spot


From this the children wanted to turn the role play area into a camp site, so we did! Independently the children created a 'camp fire' using the sticks. "We need marshmallows" suggested Elayah, marshmallows was added to their play and the children 'toasted' them on their camp fire!


camp firemarshmallows


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