Hedgehogs (Reception)

Welcome to the Hedgehogs Class.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Taylor and the Teaching Assistants are Miss Sampson and Mrs Young.

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Penguin Odd One Out Activities

Odd One Out description from a Reception child 
The children saw some interesting images of penguins this week and were encouraged to justify why they thought one of them might be the odd one out. The reasons they came up with were great and showed how well their language skills are developing as well as how much knowledge about Polar Lands they have acquired.Odd One Out description from a Reception child

Garden Bird Studies

Over this term we are getting the children prepared for our Big School's Birdwatch by learning all about one garden bird each week. 
Before Christmas we learned all about robins, last week we learned about magpies and this week we learned about wood pigeons. We explored the RSPB's website in order to do this - where videos of the birds can be found as well as lots of interesting facts. 
We spent time going for bird watching walks around the grounds - with mixed success (we saw lots of wood pigeons but no robins or magpies yet). 

A collage magpie by a reception child
The children helped themselves to remember what these birds looked like by producing an arts and craft bird after learning about them. The children chose independently how they wanted to create their bird - they just needed to ensure that they chose the correct colours and features. The children were all interested in learning about what the birds ate (something else we used the RSPB's website for) they then tried to include this as part of their artwork.

Winter Settings Art

A reception child's Arctic drawingWe spent a couple of extended art sessions developing our knowledge of polar regions as a setting. We watched some clips from the Disney film 'Frozen' as well as explored the painting 'The Magpie' by Monet. The children's finished pieces were photographed and sent to St. Thomas' - our federated school who were supposed to pick a winner. However, they thought our artwork was so brilliant that they couldn't choose so the children were all winners! 
In these sessions the children got to explore some new media - chalk and charcoal. They loved creating these setting pictures - they especially loved trying to say 'the Aurora Borealis'!A reception child's Arctic drawing


A Reception child's robin bagThis week we have been learning all about robins - after the children asked why robins are seen on Christmas cards. We learned a couple of explanations for this and also lots of facts about robins. We tried to spot robins in the grounds and then made some paper bags into robins - trying really hard to use the correct colours, show accurate features and fill the bag with food that robins would really eat.A Reception child's robin bag

Flap Jack!

Reception children making flap jackThis week we have been going flap jack crazy in Reception in preparation for our Christmas Fayre. The children have all been involved in measuring, mixing and baking our flap jack.

Reception children making flap jack


They have also been very busy decorating gingerbread men, making edible magic wands and fairy cakes.Reception children making flap jack

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