Hedgehogs (Reception)

Welcome to the Hedgehogs Class.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Taylor and the Teaching Assistants are Miss Sampson and Mrs Young.

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A Reception child's robin bagThis week we have been learning all about robins - after the children asked why robins are seen on Christmas cards. We learned a couple of explanations for this and also lots of facts about robins. We tried to spot robins in the grounds and then made some paper bags into robins - trying really hard to use the correct colours, show accurate features and fill the bag with food that robins would really eat.A Reception child's robin bag

Flap Jack!

Reception children making flap jackThis week we have been going flap jack crazy in Reception in preparation for our Christmas Fayre. The children have all been involved in measuring, mixing and baking our flap jack.

Reception children making flap jack


They have also been very busy decorating gingerbread men, making edible magic wands and fairy cakes.Reception children making flap jack

Christingle Fun

A reception child with her ChristingleToday the children followed an instructional text in order to make their very own Christingles! They carefully used cocktail sticks, tape, a candle and sweets to enhance their orange.

A reception child with his Christingle

The children learned all about the meaning of the different parts of the Christingle and listened closely to a talk about how to stay safe around candles - much of which they remembered from the visit from the fire brigade.A reception child with her Christingle

Knitted Nativity

Today the children were introduced to the story of the nativity. It was told using knitted characters that the children could then play with in their choosing time. The children loved using the characters and remembered lots of events from the story.Reception children re-telling the nativity story using the knitted charactersThe Reception class' knitted nativity scene

The Big Bad Dragon

Reception finding out if straw will burnThis week we have been looking at how there are many different versions of The Three Little Pigs story.  On Friday Mrs Taylor told her own version of the story - substituting the Big Bad Wolf for the Big Bad Dragon. The re-telling was halted half way through so that we could perform an investigation. The story involves the dragon breathing fire on the 3 pig's houses. The children were encouraged to make predictions about what they thought would happen to the materials if a dragon breathed fire on them. We then went outside to the fire bowl to test this. Each material was placed into the bowl and a flame placed near it. The children found out that the straw and the sticks would burn but the bricks would not.Reception finding out if bricks will burn





When we returned to the classroom we finished the story with the pigs surviving in the brick house.Reception finding out if sticks will burn

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