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The Class Teacher is Mrs Davies and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Roberts.

Our exciting new topic for this term is We Will Rock You 

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Year 3 Parent Event-Show case of our current learning

What a fantastic morning we had! The Fox Class invited their families in to share their learning so far this term. It was lovely to see how the children show cased their learning by demonstrating how to do some of the activities we have done over the term. A really big thank you to all of Parents, Carers and Grandparents that were able to attend today.

Exchanging ones in a three digit number

We have been working incredibly hard in Fox Class to develop our place value knowledge of 3 digit numbers. Today the children worked in pairs to solve a series of calculations that involved exchanging 10 ones into 1 ten. The children used the dienes to solve the calculations. 

Ordering 3 digit numbers

We went outside to explore ordering 3 digit numbers on our playground. We discussed the differences between the hundreds, tens and ones columns and how this would make a number bigger or smaller. The children then used large chalk to order 3 digit numbers. Some children drew the dienes on the floor to support their learning. As a challenge, we looked at ordering the numbers in ascendingly or descendingly. A fun morning had by all!

What food did they eat in the Stone Age?

Today we became archaeologists and explored what people ate during the Stone Age Era. The children have recently been learning about how Neolithic people caught and cooked their food and we had lots of fun foraging for natural materials to make weapons. The children decided that this would have been very difficult to do, especially if you were starving or the weather was cold!

The children examined three types of 'poo' and investiagted what was in each one. They needed to match up the samples to the correct person: Eric the huntergatherer, Eric the farmer and Eric the modern day man. We were able to see how the diet of Neolithic people changed as they began to grow their own food. We also looked at a modern  day sample and made some comparisons.

Exploring three digit numbers

The children worked in small groups and represented numbers in different ways by using the part whole method and drawing pictorial representations. During discussions, the children began to apply their reasoning. Well done Foxes!

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