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The Class Teacher is Mrs Davies and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Roberts.

Our exciting new topic for this term is Our Wonderful World

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New Dates Set for Parent & Teacher Meetings

Appointements are now available to meet with Mrs Davies on either Tuesday 26th February from 3:20 - 5:00pm or Thursday 28th February from 2:00 - 5:00pm. 

Please select an appointment time at the classroom door at arrival or home time.  Alternatively phone the school office and Mrs Brown will do her best to make a convenient appointment for you.

Predicting what will happen next in the story.

As we reached the end of 'The Great Kapok Tree', the children were left wondering what could have happened next.

The children worked in pairs to play two of the characters in the story and roleplayed their own ideas.

It was incredible to watch the children not only develop new dialogue between the characters but also begin to create a balanced argument, using some debating skills. They were able to justify their reasons for wanting the tree cut down and not wanting to cut the tree down. 

They used emotion within their voices and their facial expressions really brought the characters to life!

An excellent effort Fox Class. 

Question time in Year 3

The children were keen to share what they already knew about the Amazon Rainforest in a group discussion. However, the more we discussed facts about this amazing place made us think how much more there is to learn!

The children have created a 'lift the flap' display in Fox Class by writing a question on a post it note, then researching the answer and writing it on a post it note underneath. Within minutes, I heard, "Wow, I didn't think of that question!" or "What an interesting fact!"as other children explored the display.

What an incredible start to our new topic!


Have you ever heard of a kapok tree?

On our very first day of the new term, we began to explore the book 'The Great Kapok Tree.'

Without looking at any of the pictures, the children listened intently to a descriptive paragraph and then using their inference skill, they created their own interpretation of what they thought the scene might look like. We were blown away by the children's attention to detail and how unique each piece of work looked! 

Come and see eye catching display within our class to see all of pieces of art work.

Well done Foxes!


Christmas Fair

The children have been busy working on our business and enterprise projects to sell at our Christmas Fair.

We looked at the different aspects such as cost, profit, resources needed, researching prices and skills we would need to make our projects.

Our christmas pudding rice crispie cakes went down a treat!

Also thanks to Fox Class, there are now lots of fmailies that have beautiful handmade natural stars to add to their own Christmas decorations at home!

What a busy week!

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