Badgers (Year 4)

Welcome to the Badgers Class.

The Class Teacher is Mr Shortland and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Wilson.

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Anglo-Saxon Experience Afternoon

Wow! What an incredible afternoon we have had where our parents tried and evaluated our soup in our 1st parental engagement afternoon. We played Nine Mens Morris game and sung some ABBA songs. Thank you to all the parents for coming to support the children.

What a 'souper' day!

The food preparation for our Anglo Saxon afternoon. We sliced, diced and peeled vegetables. Our classroom smells so delicious!

West Stow Anglo Saxon Village Part 1

What a day we have had! We have travelled back in time to the Anglo-Saxon period as we visited the West Stow Anglo Saxon Museum at Bury St Edmunds.

Here, we had a chance to experience life as an Anglo Saxon as we visited various houses that the Anglo-Saxons would have lived in. In one of the houses, a fire was lit to provide warmth and to provide food for the Anglo-Saxon families. In the workshop, there was a wood carver who demonstrated how to carve wood by using a log off a tree as a pedal to spin the carver. At the end of the morning, we were summoned to the Village Hall where we could ask questions about how the Anglo-Saxons lived.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

Today, we imagined that we were Anglo-Saxon farmers who had been seperated from our cattle by a wild river after a very big storm. We needed to get across the river to check that the animals were ok, but we only had 'rocks' to help us.

We all thought about how we could cross the river using the 3 rocks that we conveniently had. The decision was simple, teamwork to move the rocks across the river in our groups ensuring that we used effective communication and teamwork to pass the rocks between us to reach our cattle.

Welcome to the Sett!

Welcome to Year 4 Badger Class. We can't wait to share our amazing learning and share our experiences with you on our class page. Throughout the year, we are going to be curious historians, amazing artists, inquisitive scientists as well as working hard to be the best that we can be.

Here is a picture of our animal display which we did during our transition week at the end of last term. We researched all about Badgers and found out lots of interesting facts such as where Badgers live and the different type of species. Did you know a Badger lived in a Sett which is an underground burrow? In our display, we are all in our Sett to represent that we are a family in Badger Class and together we are safe in our environment.

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