Welcome to the class page that belongs to 6G. Here we will document our journey through the final year of our Primary School experience. Please share in the pride we have in our work and achievements as we grow and mature, forging our way to be resilient, reflective and compassionate 21st Century citizens. 


'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.' Phillipians 4:13


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Attitudes to the out break of war ...


"They fought to bring peace during the Great War; it must have been a shock for them to be hearing that Britain is at war again. I think it would make them question if the last war was worth it."


"Young boys would have been excited because they will have heard all of the war stories about heroes."


"That would have been an awkward day to be sat at the dinner table with any veterans I bet!"


"I know that mothers must have been terrified for their young sons because they will have been born just after WW1 ended. The mums knew what happened to soldiers. I think everyone will have been scared."

Indoor sports competition... 2nd Place!


Term 3 - Battles, Bombs and Bullets

Welcome back to Term 3! This term we are exploring different key areas of WW2 each week. 

Kicking off the term, we have spent week 1 looking at the Treaty of Versailles and the appeasment that lead to the outbreak of war. This week was our week to focus on our British values and to understand how people must have felt at that time in British history.

Here is what's to come this term...

*Week 2: Equality.

In this week, we will touch on the horrors of the Holocaust, creating artwork for Holocaust memorial day. We will be focusing on factors that lead to prejudice and discrimination and thinking about how this applies to us as 21st Century citizens. 

*Week3: The Blitz. 

Our class text this term is Machiene Gunners. This week we will be exploring life on the home front by listening to interviews, comparing aircraft and learning what it was like during the lightning war. 

*Week 4: Children in the war. 

As we move through our learning, this week will focus on children in the War, evacuation and life for those who remained at home. 

*Week 5: Science

Our science week will be looking at the microbes that helped Britain to win WW2 when it came to food!

*Week 6: Rationing. 

Ensure that your food tasting permission slips have been returned for this week! We will be planning our own menus and exploring what rationing really meant.


British Values


Here we are, creating artwork that depicted the British Values that meant Britain had no choice but to go to war...

Holocaust Memorial day art work to commemorate.

In Year 6, we have already focused on commemoration when thinking about Armistice. Now, after learning about Anne Frank, discussing the impact of the Nuremburg Laws and understanding what happened during the Holocaust, 6G asked if they could commemorate those who survived and died through art work. 

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