Welcome to 5S. 

The Class Teacher is Mrs Smith and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Heighton. We look forward to you joining us in our learning throughout the year.

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Welcome to the Autumn Term. 

This term we will be learning all about the 'Race to Space', we can't wait to share our learning with you!



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Haiku and Tankas

After learning what Haiku and Tanka poems were, we identified their key features in a range of different poems to enable us to  sort them successfully. Using laptops and ipads we then researched how animals were used in World War One. Next week we'll put these two ideas together to create poetry for a remembrance exhibition at Boston Stump. We can't wait to share our finished work with you next week.

Bonjour? Bon soir? Bonne nuit?

In our French lesson this week, we had a recap of some of the conversational language we had already studied. Working in small groups we had to quickly match the French phrase to the English. This gave us a great opportunity to show our core values of fellowship, trust and resilience!

Language Leaders!

This week we have been embracing the many different languages spoken within our classroom. Over the year everyone will have the chance to take the register, greeting their friends in their home language or a different langauge chosen by themselves.

This week our language was Polish. Ola did a great job of welcoming us each morning and afternoon, "Dzien dobry!"


Next week I think we're trying Romanian.

Multiplying and Dividing by powers of 10.

This week our maths was all about multiplying and dividing by powers of 10. We used counters and place value grids to physically move the numbers the correct number of places left or right. Doing it practically really helped with our explanations and understanding of when and where we needed to use zeroes as place holders.

Mobilise- Spaced learning

Using the Leitner box model, we are focussing on learning our multiplication and division facts. Every morning we test each other on the facts for that day, we check our speed and accuracy regularly using times games on the internet. 

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