Welcome to 5M's class page...

Welcome to 5M.

Over the year the children will carry out the most exciting journey and be part of a wonderful family.

The Class Teacher is Mrs Morris with Miss Gray and Mrs Bell working as the teaching assistants. What a team!

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Robots move together

5M have progressed on from dancing independently to working creatively with a partner. They have produced sequences that have included start and finish positions aswell as travel movements. The children and staff have been very complimentary so far. 

Gerrard shared, 'My body becomes jerky and my arms are stiff.'


Rocket Designers

Following on from some research about Peter Thorpe and our own investigations into rockets, the children have explored designing their own shapes and style of rockets. Here take a look below!



rocket drawing rocket drawing

rocket drawing rocket drawing

Writing for purpose

To continue our theme of Race to Space, the children have had to write in a persuasive manner, proving that Earth is spherical. Thinking about and using the information they already know they have provided evidence for their suggestions and reasoning.

'Evidence suggests...'


space writing space writing

space writing 

Tag Rugby

Before the children move onto the tactics of a game of Tag Rugby, Mr Melson has been ensuring the throwing and catching skills are refined. The children have been working hard to spread the hands around the ball and flick the ball behind them to their partner.

'I have learnt to pull the ball into my chest so I do not drop it,' explained Gabriel

tag rugby tag rugby

tag rugby

Orienteering champions

Wow - what an experience the children from Year 5 had during the orienteering day in Boston. Working together in teams of three, the children had to read maps and work out clues to collect letters and numbers. It was lovely to hear the excitement and joy from all of the children.







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