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The Class Teacher is Mrs Crawford and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Stanley.


Thank you to all the parents who came in to join in the fun on our Viking Day. The children had a wonderful time learning more about the Vikings and, as always, love sharing their learning with you. Thank you for your kind comments about the activity with which you all joined in - dissecting Viking poo was possibly not what you were expecting to do when you arrived! 




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Party Day!

What a fun day we had on Monday! First we went swimming and finished a wonderful term of learning to swim with a fun session - everyone loved the floats! All the adults have been very impressed with the progress made by every child in their swimming lessons, it has been exciting to see them improve week after week, so a huge well done to everyone.

Following the excitement at the pool, we had our Year 4 party in the afternoon! We played traditional games like musical statues and musical bumps, then a 'try to cut up chocolate with a knife and fork while wearing gloves' game before dancing and more games in the hall. Finally we ate the lovely party food parents had sent in for us and then went home for a rest!


Christmas Fair


It was the school Christmas Fair on Thursday, and what fun we all had! It was great to see so many children and parents there, having fun and supporting the school. Thank you to everyone who bought one of the willow stars the Year 4 children made. There are a few of these left, so if you would like to buy one, please send your child with 50p and one of these beautiful works of art will be yours.  


Year 4 stars

After a huge amount of effort, as some of the children found sewing very tricky, the Year 4 stars are up on the hoop in the hall and they look fabulous!


Exciting Science!

We have been learning about the digestive system in Science, and the children have found this a  fascinating topic. We sparked even more interest with this very messy and hands-on experiment to help them understand the processes continually going on inside us - mostly without us even knowing it!



Accompanied by a great deal of "Yuk!" and "Ugh!" this experiment showed the journey of crackers and bananas through the stomach (a bag which had to be squeezed), tights (playing the part of the small intestine), cups (in the role of the large intestine) and finally children all had a turn pushing the waste through a hole in the cup - excretion. One of the children commented, "This is the best lesson ever!" and one declared Science was his "absolute favourite, it's the best!" All the children are now able to describe each organ's role and the order in which they form the digestive system.

Maths magic

We were busy today revising the grid method as a strategy for multiplying. Some of the children made videos demonstrating the method for others to learn, while others used worked in pairs, using the counters to show each other the steps needed to solve equations.



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