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The Class Teacher is Mrs Crawford and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Stanley.


Welcome back to school! We hope that you have all had a fun-filled holiday and are coming back refreshed and ready to learn. We are very excited about our new topic for this term - Inventors and Explorers! We will be learning about famous Scientists, including Sir Isaac Newton, and Inventors such as Thomas Edison, who patented over 1000 inventions.

Our class assembly will be held on Wednesday 23rd January, we look forward to showcasing some of our learning for parents then.

Please note that Year 4 PE lessons will be on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please leave children's PE kits in school all the time rather than only bringing it on these days, to reduce the number of forgotten ones! It also helps to have a spare change of clothes in school as accidents happen.




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What a fun-filled week we have had!

Thursday 14th February

The making part of Design and Technology - sawing, gluing, cutting and taping. The children decided their feeders needed to be camouflaged and look natural to fit in with the garden. This was following their research where they found that most birds like overgrown, shady areas that allow them to feel safe from predators. A trip outside to gather twigs, leaves and grass, lots of glue and the newly invented feeders were ready! 


What a way to spend the afternoon - enjoying the sun and deciding whereabouts to hang our ingenious bird feeders! Having spent the morning creating these masterpieces, where to locate them to attract the most birds was the final part of the process.



Migrating birds

Friday 15th February

We were fascinated by the information we found about bird migrations and couldn't believe the distances that birds travel every year. We followed Titan's travels - a tagged turtle dove - and discovered that he flew from England to central Africa and back every year. We then used atlases to locate and identify the countries he passed through and over.


Internet Safety Day - 5th February 2019

For Internet Safety Day, we discussed the terms 'permission' and 'consent', watched a video clip about the importance of being aware of what you are giving permission for, particularly online, and thought about what personal information is ok to share. How to manage pressure from friends to share more personal inofrmation or photos than you want to was discussed. We finished with a quiz, the positive results of which showed we had been paying attention! 

Estimating and Measuring in Maths

We chose several objects, such as our Maths books, glue sticks and shoes, then had to estimate their width and length in cm before measuring carefully to see how accurate our estimates were. 


Travelling by Tuba

What a wonderful treat for Friday afternoon! Travelling by Tuba, the musical duo, entertained everyone as they taught us about unusual instruments. They involved the audience as well as playing the instruments themselves, which kept everyone engaged and loving the performance.

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