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The Class Teacher is Miss Pask and the Teaching Assistant is Miss Denby.


 Autumn and The Nativity!


Exciting times are ahead! This term will be filled with lots of fun and exciting activities including trips! We will be exploring Autumn through trips out and art projects in class. The Nativity will begin on the first week back as we start to learn the many songs that are part of the show. The term will end with us performing our Nativity and of course the Christmas Fair! 

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Toy Making

Engineers at work!

On Wednesday 3rd October Year 1 will be starting to make their own pull along toy. For this could each child please bring in 2 boxes (cereal box/shoe box) in a named bag.


Class Exhibition

We would like to invite you all to come for an exhibition of our work including the pull along toys, in your child's classroom on Thursday 18th October from 2.30pm.


Thank you for your support

Mrs Tewnion and Miss Pask

Tens and Ones

This week we have been exploring partitioning numbers in to tens and ones. We were using the bundle sticks and base 10 resources to support our learning. 

We worked together to create different numbers using the resources to show 10 and to show 1. 

The creation story

We read and watched a video of the creation story together and then using props acted out the story. We dscussed what happened each day and then placed a prop on our world to represent it. 

Look what we have discovered!


Today in Year One we have discovered a mysterious box buried in the ground! 

Year One were very excited to uncover what was inside. 

The children have found that the box contained toys from the past! We were all very excited to see what was inside. The toys were a range of different materials that we had fun feeling and sorting. 

A glimpse inside ...

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