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1st Week Back!

This week we have been really busy already!

We have been learning about the 2 times tables in Maths and looking at Non-Fiction books in English and labelling the features. 



Today Year 1 had such fun! 


We went to explore a planetarium and loved looking at the images and videos of Space. We learnt about the Earth, Moon and all the Moon landings. We heard a little of the other planets in our solar system and saw some incredible photos from Space. 

The lights were then turned off and it went pitch black! We looked up and the planetarium was filled with hundreds of twinkling stars!


Moon Footprints

Over the term we have been learning about the Moon.

To end our topic the children have made some marvellous footprints using salt dough.

We printed our shoes to look like we had been on the Moon. 



This week in Computing we logged on for the first time by ourselves!

We typed our first and last name into the box followed by our password.

We then logged on and followed instructions on how to log on the computer. 


Shapes in Maths

This week we have been exploring 3D shapes.

We have remembered lots from last year and we know all of their names! We have been identifying the shapes around the classroom and matching them to their name. Afterwards, we created 3D constructions and our partners had to write down the 3D shapes inside. 

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