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Welcome to 1T's class page. Here you can find out what we have been up to in class, how we are getting on with our learning as well as photos of our adventures! We will also share useful links to websites for things the children could have a go at, at home, to support with their learning in class.


Marvellous Moon

This term we are going to discover and explore the Moon! We will be considering the question 'Would you go on holiday to the moon?' To help us answer this question we are going to learn about where the moon is, how to get there, what life is like on the moon and of course the first moon landing with Neil Armstrong. We will also explore what it is like to travel in space as we learn about Tim Peake's recent space mission.

Watch out for some exciting opportunities we are hoping to take to enhance our learning this term!


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Homework Sneak Peek

Here is a quick look at just some of the amazing homework projects which have come in this term. The children have designed and constructed an incredible array of 'Autumn Woodlands'.

 It has been a pleasure to listen to the children taking it in turns to share their hard work with the rest of the class. We are very excited to share them at our class exhibition on Friday. We hope you wil be able to join us for this celebration of work. 


Thank you to all the parents, carers and grandparents who have helped and supported the children with their homework this term.

Christmas Fair

Our sweet treats were fun to make and tasted great too!

Year 1 made marshmallow snowmen to sell at the school Christmas fair. The children talked about the importance of hygiene and how to work safely with the skewers to make our craft. Then we worked together to build the snowmen, helping each other to tie the strawberry lace scarf.

These simple sweets were so popular we sold out! It will be the inspiration for our big write on Monday so we will soon have instructions to share.

Bronze Certificate

This week we gave out our first bronze certificates to celebrate children who have earned 50 house points.

Well done to Jessica, Kaja, Leja, Annabelle, Macie, Braiens, Emilis and Nastia. They will now be working towards their silver certificate for 100 house points.

Road Safety Week

For Road Safety Week we have been focusing on how to be safe near the roads and how to cross a road safely.

We talked about everything we knew already about road safety and watched this green cross code animation which teaches us how to cross the road correctly.


We used what we learnt from this to sequence instructions to teach others.

We looked at some of the different kinds of crossings such as pelican crossings and zebra crossings and how they help us to cross busy roads safely.


Christmas Cards

The christmas crafts continue as we begin our cards. 

All the children did a wonderful job of designing and making their own christmas tree collage using a selection of interesting buttons. They used a template to choose their buttons and arrange them into the right shape. Then with PVA brushed onto their chosen metallic card, the children transferred their button design across. With glitter glue added for a sparkling pot they now reside on our drying rack while everything sets.

The children have written their messages for family to go inside with their most beautiful handwriting. Everyone is excited to add the final sequin decorations!

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