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Welcome to 1T's class page. Here you can find out what we have been up to in class, how we are getting on with our learning as well as photos of our adventures! We will also share useful links to websites for things the children could have a go at, at home, to support with their learning in class.


A Toy's Story

This term we will be exploring different materials and their properties and why certain materials are used to make our toys. We will be comparing toys from the past and present including the materials used to make them and how toys have changed over time. We will then be doing our own observational drawings of toys to help us in designing our own moving toy. We will finish the term by making our moving toy for our own toy exhibition. 

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Half Term Homework

We will be sending the children home with their project for next term so you may like to use this holiday to start it.

The children have worked really hard and deserve a rest. But if they'd like to keep practising here are a few ideas...


Number recognition: Can they read the numbers in the world around them?

Place Value: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/place-value-basketball 

Counting: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/helicopter-rescue


Year 1 words: Play 'I spy' in books to look for these sight words.




At the start of next term the focus for our learning will be autumn and beginning to look at how the world changes through the different seasons.






Exhibition for Parents

Thank you to all the parents who were able to come along to our class exhibition this afternoon. The children were really enthusiastic to share their learning from this term and show off their pull-a-long toys.

It was great to have your feedback and hear how much you enjoyed this opportunity also. 


Thank you for all your support this term and Mrs Smith and myself wish you a very happy half term with your families!

Number Detectives

Year 1 became number detectives when they were set the challenge to see how many different ways they can find to make ten using only two numbers!

We are going to be practising quick recall of these number facts.


The whole class showed fantastic teamwork as we worked together to attach the axels and wheels to the base of our pull-a-long toys. Children were quick to help each other and share skills and showed a real compassion for their classmates as they strived for everyone to succeed.

We were all very happy when our testing showed that everybodies base works!

Next we will be attaching our animal characters to the top.

Don't forget parents...our class exhibition is Thursday (18th) at 2.30pm. See you there!

Pull-a-long Toys

We are continuing to work on our pull-a-long toys ahead of our exhibition this week. Today we have been painting the base of our toys ready to add axels and wheels tomorrow.

Don't forget the classroom will be open for you to come and see all our hard work from 2.30pm on Thursday 18th October.

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