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Project completed!

This week we have completed our programming projects on  Scratch Jnr. We have all worked with our partner to create and programmed a character that can move and talk.

Over the next couple of weeks of term we will be having a go at applying these new programming skills to create our own independent projects.

Meerkat Mail

The story we have been using in English for the last fortnight is 'Meerkat Mail' by Emily Graves. It is all about a meerkat from the Kalahari desert who leaves his family to go travelling in the hope of finding somewhere new to live. Sunny writes postcards home to his family from all the places he visits. 

This week we have been busy writing our own postcards. First we practised the format of a postcard by writing home to our own families telling them about our day at school.

Then we pretended to be Sunny and we used our learning about India, in topic last week, to write home and tell our meerkat family what we thought of this new country.

Sneak peek...

1T mums; if you want a surprise on Mother's day then look away now!

We have been working hard on our cutting skills and so to celebrate the progress we have made with this our Mother's day cards required us to cut out different shapes to build the different elements.

After we had cut out all the parts ourselves we had the job of assembling them to create a hyacinth with 3D petals. This was fiddly but a lot of resilience was shown and the finished cards look beautiful. There will be some very lucky mummy's next weekend when we send them home.

House Point Certificates

We have enjoyed celebrating 6 more silver and gold certificates this week.

Congratulations to Keita, Kristina, Ava and Ava for their silver certificate (75 house points) and to Isabella and Maja for their gold certificate (100 house points).

Lots happening in Year 1...

Year 1 are continuing to work hard across the curriculum, particularly in applying their skills from English into Topic lessons.

In RE this week we looked at artefacts which are special to Muslims in their worship. We then wrote sentences explaining what each is and how they are used.

In maths we have been looking at how equal groups can be represented as an array. We have learnt the vocabulary of rows and columns and used our understanding of repeated addition to write labels for the arrays. 

During our PE lesson we had the apparatus out and really enjoyed it! Having learnt to jump and land safely, we explored how we could jump in different ways from different pieces of equipment. All the children had a go and they were fantastic at it!

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