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Welcome to the Church School Council part of our website.

We are a group of around twelve willing volunteers who meet at least twice a week to help to keep the spiritual side of the school alive.

Our priority is the school’s collective worship. We start our worship when we receive a candle from each class at the worship table. This provides a calm focus on our journey to the hall and brings a feeling of spirituality and welcome to God. It is our job to choose the hymns and often to say the prayers. At least once a term, we take a whole collective worship, and we work closely with the church clergy who visit at least once a week to take the worship.

We are very fortunate to have our Reflective Garden, we use this during break times and classroom as part of our everyday learning, worship, prayer and as opportunities to be reflective, calm and to feel at one with God.

We strongly value our links with the church and so far this year we have had a number of special events coming up!

Christmas Fair

Tonight memebrs of the School Council volunteered their time to hep support our school charity-The Cystic Fibrosis Trust. The teddy tombola was a big success so thank you to all of your efforts, whether you helped to run the stall or purchased tickets. We really enjoyed our evening! 


This morning Mrs Tewnion led our Collective Worship and discussed the meaning of Advent with the children. They learnt what each of the candles symbolises and when each of them will be lit. 


This morning Reverend Sue discussed the theme Resilience in relation to Saints and how they have to overcome challenges and help others overcome their problems to help them reach their full potential too.



This week the school council did their second assembly of the term based around the theme of Resilience.They linked this into introducing our new school charity, Cystic Fibrosis and explained to the children how we can support this. 


This morning Reverend Sue came in to follow on from last week’s Remembrance theme-respect and discussed the events across the town, particularly in the Boston Stump, which all children participated in somehow. She linked this to the scripture of Matthew 5:43-48 and taught the children about the challenge of loving everybody, even your enemies, and why it is important to do so.


Remembrance Memorial Service 

Today the School Council had the opportunity to participate in the Boston War Memorial Service to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ending of the war. The children had the opportunity to lay a wreath at the memorial and lay a cross in the new memorial gardens in central park. They were a credit to the school and were very reflective when they showed their respects. 


Father Steve's Last Day

Today saw  Father Steve’s last Collective Worship at St Thomas’ before he moves on to his new parish. He discussed the core value resilience with the children and linked this to a Bible story about Jesus and his disciples overcoming a storm. The children and staff were very sad to see him leave and wish him all the best on his new journey!



Harvest Festival

This morning Reverend Sue came to discuss the Harvest festival with the children. She shared her knowledge of the Boston Foodbank and showed the children where all of their donations would go and how they would help the community. 

School Council Assembly 

Today the School Council led their very first assembly together to Key Stage One and Key Stage Two! They celebrated our Core Value ‘Trust’ and related it to the Bible story ‘The Burning Bush’. They introduced themselves and explained what they were excited about doing over the year and linked this with how they could be trusted to help maintain and uphold St Thomas’ core values over the year.

Mad about books! 

Father Steve visited the children this morning to lead their Collective Worship. He discussed different books with the children and how the Bible contains 66 books. He linked this to The Old Testament and The New Testament and those who wrote the gospels of Jesus.



Reverend Jane starts off the New Year!

Reverend Jane delivered our first Collective Worship assembly this year and entrusted the children with some very important messages. She spoke about learning as a journey and how it can sometimes be a very slow process. The children learnt that they will not always find things easy but that if they try, they will eventually succeed!


This morning, children from last and this year’s School Council worked together and performed their version of the ‘Unforgiving Servant’ to demonstrate the importance of being compassionate towards others. They wrote their own prayer inspired by the theme and chose the song ‘When I needed a Neighbour’ to encourage other children to reflect on what Compassion is.


This morning Miss Sharples led an assembly on the importance of faith and being kind and considerate to one another. The children we very engaged and found the story easy to relate to. 

  Spontaneous Prayer

Today the school councillors led a spontaneous prayer session with Key Stage One. They focussed on different ideas based around our core values and it was a pleasure to watch them reflect and work together. Prayers were given to children’s class  teachers for their Collective Worship scrap books so the class could see the work they produced!


This morning, Miss Sharples led our collective worship based around one of core values: Respect.  She discussed a bible story with the children that showed the value of showing humility towards others and valuing everybody as an equal. 


Diversity and the Gospel of Luke

Father Steve came in this morning to discuss diversity with the children. He used the Gospel of Luke to talk to the children about diversity and how everyone is different. He showed the children how Luke wrote about Jesus at a time in his life when he helped the people who needed him most, even if to everyone else they seemed different or strange. The children learnt to accept and include everyone, no matter who they are.


Today the school council led Collective Worship based on the theme of fellowship and working together to be happy. A few months ago a couple of our Year 6 members had the opportunity to attend a school council event called ‘The art of Brilliance’. The children learnt about making the most of each day and the importance of being happy. They fed back to the rest of the school council and created a short drama script to perform to Key Stage One and Key Stage two



Scrap Book

Today the School Councillors collected each class Collective Worship scrap book to reflect on our good practise and find areas we could improve upon. Each time we do this we are amazed by the work we see and the thought provoking responses that the children produce. Take a look for yourself if you don’t believe us!

Reflective Areas 

Today the School Council did a learning environment walk throughout the school to look at the enriching and spiritual reflective areas that are on display within the classrooms. Children were extremely pleased to have the Collective worship scrap books on display for everyone to have a look at and enjoyed seeing the children’s work displayed.  Have a look yourself and see what inspiring things our children are doing!


The importance of prayer

This morning Reverend Jane came in to speak to the children about being resilient through prayer. She asked them to think about what prayer was and all of the different ways we can speak with Jesus and God. The children had a calm, peaceful and reflective Collective Worship. 

Reading Morning

This morning children from KS1 came down to read with members from the school council. They had the opportunity to read stories to each other and also listen to different stories being read by the school council. It was an absolute pleasure to hear everyon
e read and all the children had a lovely morning!


Reverend Sue visited the children this week to discuss the theme of compassion. She chose to listen to the words of the song 'When I needed a neighbour' to allow the children to reflect upon how they can care and look after one another.  

George and the Dragon

Today Rev. Sue came in to discuss St George's Day with the children and the meaning of the word 'saint'. She brought along some props and acted out the story with the children which they really enjoyed!



Easter Extravaganza Event

Thursday was a very busy day at St Thomas's, as we also had or Easter Extravaganza event! Thank-you to everyone who came along and participated in the different activities, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did the parents! We greatly value your support and recieved some wonderful feedback from parents and chidlren alike:

"The whole thing was marevelous! Th raffle was fun and the egg hunt was great."

"It was fantastic and really good value for money. The kids absolutely loved it!"

 "It was nice to have a spiritual element to the event as well with the children doing the prayers in the garden. That was a lovely touch."


Easter Bonnet Parade

At the end of Thursday's Collective Worship the children also had the opportunity to parade around the hall in their Easter Bonnets! Reverend Sue and Father Steve were amazed at the effort and creativity that the children showed in the creation of their hats and found it really difficult to judge! The first, second and third prize hat winners were rewarded with an Easter egg! Thank-you to everyone who took part, they were all excellent!

Foot Washing

As the last day of term was Maundy Thursday, one child per class was given the opportuntiy to have their feet wahed by Reverend Sue and Father Steve. They discussed the story of the Last Supper with the chidlren and reminded them of the significance of, not only the foot washing, but also the symbolism of the egg and Easter itself. The children ended their Collective Worship with a blessing and a hymn. 

Collective Worship Scrap Books

This week the school council have been evaluating each classes collective worship scrap book and have been extremely impressed! Each week, every class responds to a key question in a way that they feel is appropriate and there have been some fantastic examples to share. Take a look for yourself if you don't believe us!


Palm Sunday

This morning the children had their Palm Sunday Collective Worship with Reverend Sue. The chidlren enjoyed listening to and acting out the story of Jesus on his donkey and singing fun songs about his journey. 

Reading Fun!

This morning KS1 children from different classes brought themselves down to read with the school council. They shared their own reading books with one another and discussed their favourite parts. The school council then ended the session by reading a selection of stories to the children. Everyone had fun and we were all impressed by the super reading of all children! 

Easter Event-School Council

Today the School Councillors have been busy preparing for our Easter Extravaganza event on 29th March. They were sorting and organising different raffle items and ticketing them up ready for the event. They are all very excited! Come down and see their planning in action as tickets are sold to help raise money for our school. We look forward to welcoming you all then! 



Today Reverend Sue came in to discuss with the children the meaning of 'Respect'. She read the story of The Good Samaritan and discussed with the children how although we are all different we should still show kindness and respect to everybody.


Father Steve discusses Temptation 

Father Steve came in this mroning to discuss with the children what the word temptation means. He encouraged the children to seek advice from friends and family if they ever felt like they might make the wrong choice. He linked this to the lesson that Jesus learnt in the desert when he was tempted by the devil during Lent. 

The Art of Brilliance

Today two year 6 members from the school council team went to visit Mareham-Le Fenn Primary School for a school counil workshop. The children were reminded about the importance of being positive and spreading happiness to others and what a wonderful impact that can have on different people all over the world. They teamed together to think of ideas that would help promote these positive thoughts and can not wait to do an assembly to both key stages next term! :) 



School Council 

The school council have been thinking about Lent this week and how they can act as role models for younger children in the school. They have made plans to teach and share Easter stories with the key stage one children in the following weeks to help them understand the importance of Lent and Easter. They have also been working together to act as role model pupils during Lent as they try to, and encourage others, to partiicpate in one kind act everyday. 

Reverend Sue visits KS1 and KS2

This morning reverend Jane visited key stage one and key stage 2 to discuss Lent and how Jesus faced temptatins in the dessert. She talked to the children about ovecoming temptations and why during Lent it is important for us to make sacrifices.  

The start of Lent 

This week reverned Jane visited the year 2 cohort to discuss the significance of Lent. She talked to the children about Ash Wednesday and demonstrated, using real ashes, how people are marked with the sign of the cross to signify the start of Lent. She also discussed with the children what Lent promises were and came up with some class suggestions about how we could be self-less during this time. 




Today Father Steve came in to challenge us to reflect about others who command our respect. We thought about jobs in scociety that people do not like, such as the tax collectors in Jesus's day who were hated by many people. 




Remembrance Day

On Friday 10th Novemeber a small number of school councilors from St Thomas's and Wyberton had the opportunity to present a wreath at the Wide Bargate War memorial service. The children showed their respects and got to meet key figures from the Salvation Army and also met the Mayor who commended them on their behaviour during the service. They were lucky enough to share the expeience with other schools, alongside members of the public and war veterans. 

Black History Week

To introduce our Black History week and celebrate our theme of diversity, old and new members of the school council worked together to create an assembly for KS1 and KS2. They carefully chose a Bible story and put together a script with a drama that would convey the message, we should always be kind to one another no matter what our differences. This was their first time in front of an audience this year and although they were very nervous, they performed well and enjoyed themselves! 


Respect, compassion,  endurance, fellowship and trust are our school’s core values, and so are fundamental to the way our school operates. These form the foundation on which we perform, work and conduct ourselves.

As they are all equal in  importantance to each other - they are taught side by side as well as singling them out at certain times of the year.

Challenging Sterotypes through Fellowship

On Monday Mrs Riglin led our Collective Worship.The children were able to discuss what fellowship meant to them and how they felt they were able to demsonstrate love, care and thoughtfulness to others. We learnt that all of us are unique in every way and that lots of us have a variety of skills and interests. The school decided that we should get to know someone before making an assumption. Before concluding  with a prayer espeically written by Chloe, the children watched a video - observing children working with the elderly.


Being called by God

Reverend Jane led a special Collective Worship today thinking about Jesus' way of life and how he managed to get others to trust in him. The children heard the story about Jesus and the fishermen. The children learned how Jesus wanted to tell others about God's work. He wanted them to have a relationship with God. He encouraged Peter to go back out to fish. Although Peter was reluctant, he eventually agreed. James and John joined them and they took their boat out into the middle of the lake. Jesus told them to throw their nets out into the middle of the lake. Suddenly the boat began rocking with the weight of the fish. It was at this point they decided to become fishermen of people.