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 Welcome to RK's Class page. Here you will be able to find out more informaton on the topics your child will be learning about and any events that will be taking place throughout the term. Photos will be added regularly of the exciting activities that the children have taken part in, as well as any websites that you may like to visit, to support your child with their learning at home. 

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Reception have started their week making Christingles with the help from members of St Thomas' Church. The children learnt all about each part of the Christingle and why it is an important part of the church calendar. After this session, the children then prepared for their Christmas craft, which will be available for parents and family members to buy at St Thomas' Christmas Fair. This year, Reception are creating their own melted snowman biscuits and are looking forward to decorating them tomorrow. 

This term the children have been very busy creating their own 3D models using wool and PVA glue. Everyone was set the task of wrapping the wool around a balloon using as much glue to help it stick. It was a very messy activity, which all the children enjoyed. RK's hoop will be hung in the main hall for everyone to see for tomorrow's lighting up assembly and the Christmas Fair. 



Dental Talk

Today Hannah from Smile Orthodontics came to visit Reception to talk about the importance of cleaning our teeth. The children discussed ways to keep our mouths healthy and how many times we need to brush our teeth a day. After the children practised brushing their teeth and used the teeth brushing tuff spot during their play. 

Road Safety Day


For Road Safety Day, Reception continued their learning on how to stay safe when crossing the road and why it is important to make sure that vehicles and bikes can see us during the cold winter nights. First, we started the session by by using only our ears to identify different types of vehicles, by listening to the noises they make. After we talked about how to stay safe when riding a bike. The children were very confident with explaining the importance of wearing a helmet and why we must make sure that we are aware of our surroundings when on the road. After, the children discussed the different ways bikers can be seen when riding in the dark. We looked at the different clothes that we may wear and that bikes should always have lights on when travelling on the pavement or roads. 

The Enormous Turnip

This week the children have been reading the story `The Enormous Turnip`. All the children have been given the opportunity to dig for turnips in the outdoor area. For this activity, the children had to find as many turnips as they could and read the words that had been written on them. Some children had to read the words and then organise the words to create a sentence.

During choosing time, the children have been practising their number formations in flour using feathers, painting pictures, writing captions about story characters and creating their christmas hoop. 

Our visit from a policeman

On Friday Reception had a visit from two PCSOs. They discussed with the children the importance of keeping safe and why we must not speak to strangers. The children all got to ask their own questions, learn about their job role and even got to try on some police uniforms. In Literacy, Reception had the opportunity to pretend to drive police cars. All the children took in turns to play the role of a traffic warden, who had to stop the cards and read the words using their sounds. 


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